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Why Solid Soap is the Way to Go!

Have you ever asked yourself why most of us don’t use a bar of soap like in the old days? Are shower gels from supermarkets and health & beauty retailers better than our old soap bars? After a lot of research over the past year and visiting some soap makers in Europe, it is now clear to me that solid soaps are the way to go and below are the reasons why I will never buy another shower gel (unless it is organic).

Solid soap contains fewer hazardous substances

Many so-called soaps and shower gels on supermarket shelves have more in common with detergents than with real soap. Most body washes, both liquid and solid, that you find in stores are often made with chemical detergents and synthetic foaming agents. You only have to look at the length of the ingredients list of a shower gel and compare to that of a bar soap to see that the shower gel contains far more ingredients than a solid soap. And these ingredients include products that are potentially harmful to health and/or the environment, such as palm oil.

For all types of skin

Natural soap can suit different types of skin and is therefore good for everyone. There is such a wide choice of natural ingredients such as plants and scents to please everyone.

It is better for the skin

For daily use, solid soaps are very mild and rich in glycerine, which hydrates and softens the skin. Real soap is not only used to cleanse you, it also has undeniable benefits for the skin. In addition, it is also ideal for the natural treatment of eczema, acne and psoriasis etc.

There are so many natural oils, butters, plant extracts and exfoliators that can be used in real soap, ingredients that are really good for the skin and overall health.

Take coconut oil, with its moisturising and disinfecting properties combined with a dose of vitamin E, essential for healthy skin.

Shea butter, with its skin healing properties that have been held in high esteem since the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

Natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties can be derived from eucalyptus, while peppermint leaves can act as a decongestant and create a fresh invigorating scent.

A soap lasts longer than a gel

Liquid soaps contain...water! This is what makes them less long-lasting than solid soaps. This is also why manufacturers must add preservatives so that they perish less quickly.

Solid soaps do not contain preservatives, and therefore less toxic substances (parabens in particular), despite this they can be kept longer than shower gels.

Zero waste with bars of soap

Another advantage of solid soap is that it produces (almost) no waste. Shower gel bottles, even if they are recyclable, require a lot of resources to produce them.

Solid soaps can be purchased with simple cardboard packaging, or even without packaging in some cases where it is cut to size.

Soaps are ideal for traveling

Finally, solid soap is ideal for travellers: it takes up much less space than liquid soap, and unlike liquid soaps, it can be carried in hand luggage through airport security (it also doesn’t leak!).

n conclusion, I will always choose a hard soap in front of the shower gel. Firstly, from a health point of view; dermatological problems have never been more numerous and difficult to solve than in the last 50 years. Shower gel doesn’t wash it foams and deposits a light film on the epidermis which makes the skin feel soft to the touch. Also, we are now discovering the devastating ecological impact of these products.

Choose natural organic solid soaps; for example, Savon de Marseille renowned for its pure natural ingredients and traditional production methods for over 600 years.


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