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Why you need to start using Moroccan Argan Oil?

When I travel, I love to try out local beauty products. A few years ago, I went to Morocco (amazing country, amazing people) and discovered the benefits of argan oil there. Rich in fatty acid and vitamin E, it is a very nourishing oil, ideal for skin and hair. It is an oil extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, a tree that grows only in Morocco. And the production of argan oil remains traditional in Morocco because it is only after a long and complex process that argan oil is extracted. Can you believe that it takes about 100kg of fruit to make a litre of argan oil!

If you are looking for one product in your bathroom that could give you head-to-toe beauty then this could be the one!


I have dry, slightly curly hair and it is often a hassle to nourish it on a daily basis. For your Hair Botox day, the argan oil is a good alternative to expensive hair masks. Twice a month, a few hours before my shampoo, I apply argan oil to my hair, detangle it and roll it up into a bun. Then, I rinse everything when shampooing and voila!


Argan oil is also used on the body and face. It is rich in antioxidants so for your face it is a good natural anti-wrinkle solution and will also give you a radiant complexion! The advantage of argan oil is that it penetrates the skin quickly, without leaving a greasy film. It respects the most sensitive skin, and deeply nourishes my dry skin, especially on the driest areas like my arms and legs. In winter, don't hesitate to mix it with a nourishing balm and apply all over your



For those who have brittle nails, here is a little homemade recipe to make them stronger: once or twice a week, immerse your nails in a bowl filled with argan oil and lemon juice (do 50/50 ) for about ten minutes. Lemon whitens the nails, and the argan oil will strengthen them!


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