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The Amazing Benefits of Floral Waters

What is floral water?

Floral water is obtained by the steam distillation of flowers or plants using the same principle as the extraction of essential oils. Floral waters are naturally enriched with essential oils but as they are distilled from actual flowers, they can often contain powerful and yet delicate compounds.

Why use floral waters?

Floral waters are mainly used in aromatherapy and cosmetics and they naturally find their place in skincare and hair care routines. They provide excellent hydration thanks to the water they contain and depending on the virtues of the plants and flowers used, floral waters will bring you many other benefits. Anti-aging, purifying, calming, regulating, a healthy glow… so many virtues, all offered by nature. And for your hair, they can provide hydration, tone the scalp and prevent dandruff...

If you are not reassured by the idea of ​​using essential oils, you can turn to floral waters as an excellent compromise.

Some ideas for using floral waters

Floral waters are in themselves a complete treatment. You can spray them directly on the skin and hair and enjoy the various benefits.

  • In facial treatments, floral waters can replace water in the preparation of your clay masks. After removing makeup, tone your skin by simply spraying floral water on it.

  • To deflate puffy eyes in the morning, spray rose or lavender floral water on makeup remover discs and leave them on your eyes for a few minutes.

  • As an after-sun, choose lavender or chamomile floral water to cool and soothe the skin.

  • Need a natural deodorant? Use rose floral water in place of your regular deodorant.

  • Tea tree floral water can help with problem skin, especially useful for teenagers, where the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help to regulate the skin tone and help kill any bacteria in the pores without clogging the skin.

Now you know a little more about floral waters, give them a try, winter or summer it is a must have for your skincare routine.


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