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The Kessa Glove

The perfect bath glove to exfoliate your skin and get close to the Hammam experience

Widely used in North Africa, Turkey and many other Eastern countries, the Kessa glove is also extremely popular in France and other European countries. So what is it? The Glove of Kessa is a kind of rough washcloth, used in the hammams or at home to exfoliate your body. Originally it was made from goat hair, but it is now only available in synthetic material.

The Kessa glove is suitable for all skin types. For the glove to be beneficial, it is important that it is used with Black Soap or Ghassoul. The Kessa glove allows a perfect exfoliation without hurting or attacking the skin because its fibres are arranged harmoniously. The scrub will remove impurities in depth, drive out toxins and dead cells will peel off the skin. You will notice your skin will be supple, soft, silky and above all exfoliated! Used regularly, the Kessa glove has a firming effect which can also help to reduce cellulite.

How to use:

  • Use once a week on your body (not suitable to use on your face).

  • This is not a washcloth, it is above all to use as a scrub.

  • Avoid using it with soap or shower gel.

  1. The first step is to open the pores of the skin with the steam in the shower or bath.

  2. Then apply the Black Soap or Ghassoul all over the wet body, then massage the skin for two minutes.

  3. Moisten the Kessa Glove and rub your body with circular movements. Do not hesitate to rub vigorously with the glove, this helps evacuate the residue and rid the epidermis of dead skin on the surface.

  4. Finally, rinse your body again and then the glove (make sure it’s dry before using again).

After the exfoliation, it is advisable to cover yourself with Argan Oil, or Shea Butter in order to soothe your skin. It can help minimise irritation and lock in moisture.

*Exfoliation can sometimes irritate your skin and may result in water loss so don’t be too aggressive on your skin. Not suitable for your face and please don’t use if you have extremely sensitive skin, have burns or wounds and stop use if any irritation occurs.


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