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This stylish navy with red & orange ora stripe shawl is light and cosy, perfect for meditation all year round.

A meditation shawl or blanket provides a feeling of comfort and intensifies your inner concentration, because the blanket symbolises your temporary isolation from the outer world, while meditating.
It will also provide good isolation from draught or cold, rising from the floor.

Can also be used as a small blanket or throw for your sofa to bring a little extra comfort to your living space.

Navy Meditation Shawl

SKU: M3008
  • Material: 70% Acrylic, 30% Cotton

  • Washing Instructions:
    Step 1. Place the blanket in your washing machine by itself.
    Step 2. Turn on the machine with a cold water cycle and gentle wash setting for delicates.
    Step 3. Pour one capful of your basic mild laundry detergent into the washing machine, again using the type of detergent used to clean delicate materials.
    Step 4. Remove the blanket and either hang dry or place the blanket in your dryer using a cool tumble dry setting.

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