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100% pure Ghassoul. One of the most mineral-rich clays to cleanse the face, body, hair, without chemicals. When moistened with water, or floral water, the feel on the skin is smooth and exfoliating. It has unparalleled cleansing properties to draw out impurities from the skin and hair and is used for detoxifying, cleansing and reducing dryness. It improves hair’s elasticity and leaves your hair soft and moisturised. It can also be applied for soothing scalp ailments such as dandruff and psoriasis.


Ghassoul or Rhassoul Clay comes from the Arabic word ghassala, meaning to wash.  Ghassoul is a natural mineral clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  It’s been mined and used since the 8th century and has been used by Moroccan women for centuries to care for their skin and hair. 

Moroccan Ghassoul Clay

SKU: B1143
    • Natural & Organic Clay
    • Can be used on the body, face & hair
    • Superfine for a luxurious spa-quality experience
    • Widely used and popular around the world

    Weight: 125g

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