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Used by practitioners and aromatherapist around the world for complementary medicine, aromatic compounds and skin and body products, essential oils are a versatile and practical product.


Goloka essential oils are a combination of 100% pure essential oils that all work together to help specific areas such as relaxation, focus, de-stress, energy boost, happiness and a lot more. Goloka oils are made from the finest quality ingredients with the essential oil extracted by the most efficient methods to get the most intense quality fragrances.


  • 100% and undiluted pure essential oils
  • Includes cinnamon and ginger
  • Extracted from plants
  • External use only
  • Highly concentrated


Safe for personal use as long as you are not allergic and it is diluted diluted correctly as this can cause skin irritation. It is important that you research how to use the oil before you start. Please refer to the leaflet inside the packaging.

Goloka Blends Essential Oil 10ml - Decrease Anxiety

SKU: H6052
  • Contents: 10ml bottle with pipette

    Dimensions: H6.3cm x D2.4cm x H7.3cm

    Volume: 10ml

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