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The natural, eco-conscious Cork Rubber Yoga Mat made from the bark of the cork tree is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to the mainstream yoga mat.


*Cork is becoming increasingly popular due to its amazing anti-bacterial and light properties. Antistatic and anti-allergic, it does not absorb dust and prevents the appearance of mites and, therefore, contributes to protection against allergies.

This mat not only feels great under your hands and feet but also provides a soft and supportive earthy feeling.
Ideal for any type of yoga practices or workouts, this mat is easy to carry around or place on top of another mat for extra cushioning. Designed for serious performance, due to cork’s amazing natural qualities the grip increases when you sweat.

  • Natural cork
  • Organically anti-bacterial 
  • Recyclable and biodegradable
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Non-slip, easy wipe down surface
  • High grip, rubber bottom 

Care and use: Roll up the mat loosely without folding or creasing the cork. Never fold or crease your cork yoga mat, roll it up loosely. Please note that due to the raw cork surface, light cracking can occur over time, but this will not affect the feel or durability of the mat and it is only a visual aspect.
To clean roll out flat and wipe down with warm soapy water, leave out until the surface is dry then just roll up as usual. 
For hot yoga or daily practices clean the mat after every session, otherwise once a week is enough. This helps prevent body oil from building up and keeps the mat in a fresh condition. 

Cork & Rubber Yoga Mat

SKU: Y2022
  • Material: Made from natural cork on the top surface rubber on the bottom side
    Dimensions: L183cm x W63cm

    Weight: 1.87 kg

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