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Ayurvedic Premium Incense, with an unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins & oils. It is free from toxic materials, and offers you the refreshing and soothing scent of six different kinds, lifting you into the realms of your dreams. Our Ayurvedic incense sticks caress your mind and soul with their flavours right through the day, and make you wish to go back to its presence. This incense touches your senses and will be in the air for a long time, creating a continuous, pure atmosphere.


· Fragrance is a pleasing refreshing and soothing mix of herbs, flowers, honey, resins and oils.

· A popular choice for meditating to calm down.


Directions: Use in / on a heat resistant burner or ash catcher. Light the tip of the incense using a naked flame, carefully blow out the flame and allow it to smoulder.

NB: Ash will drop so its important to place on a heat resistant dish/ash catcher so not to cause damage. Areas must be well ventilated.

Ayurvedic Masala Meditation - Premium Incense Sticks

SKU: M3014
  • Volume: 15 sticks (approx)

    Dimensions: 20cm

    Origin: India

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