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This traditional Aleppo soap is blended by an original Aleppo soap maker using the ancient technique to cook the soap using 100% Olive and Laurel Oil. This soap is free from artificial perfumes and colouring and is not tested on animals.


It is suitable for daily shampooing and cleansing of the face, hands and the whole body while having a shower. It provides the skin with daily moisture and nourishment.


This soap is also known to help with psoriasis, loss of hair, acne and neuro-dermatitis. A regular application can aid noticeably the recovery of skin problems and skin allergies.


As there are no artificial additives used and the main ingredient is olive oil, it is also suitable for baby skin.

Aleppo Soap with 20% Bay Laurel Oil

SKU: B1088
  • Weight: 200g

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