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Certified to compost in home or industrial composting.
Roll of 25 x 8 litre fully compostable disposable kitchen caddy liners. These completely biodegradable 8 litre BioBags are ideal for collecting kitchen food waste for the compost bin.


Storage: It is important that you store these bags in a cool, dry, dark place away from sunlight like a cupboard or kitchen drawer otherwise they will start to degrade over time and split. Keep away from sources of heat and steam.

. Designed to be safe and suitable for organic recycling
·  Can be put into food waste recycling.


We encourage you to compost on site – You can put raw or cooked food such as
. Fruits and vegetables
. Fish
. Meat
. Eggshells
. Dairy products like cheese
. Bread & cakes
. Grains
. Pasta, Rice
. Coffee filter
. Unbleached paper napkins

8-Litre Biodegradable Compostable Kitchen Bin Liners x 25 Bags

SKU: H6130
  • Dimensions: 400mm (wide) x 390mm (tall).
    Made from corn starch - 100% biodegradable and compostable.


    Please note: Because the bags are compostable they have a one year shelf life. The date of manufacture is printed on each bag.

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